No Dental Insurance?

Here at Sheets Dental we are aware that not everyone has access to dental insurance. Most retired people lose their dental insurance when they quit work, while some employers do not offer any dental insurance at all. We also realize dental treatment can be expensive. So, here in our office we have what we call the Patient Loyalty Plan or PLP. We have found this to be a great solution to the problems many people face when they do not have dental insurance. Unfortunately many people suffer with the consequences of missing, broken and painful teeth. The Patient Loyalty Plan allows those with no dental insurance easier access to getting the care everyone deserves to have.

The PLP provides the following benefits:

  • (2) Annual Dental CLeanings
  • (2) Annual Dental Exams
  • All Necessary X-Rays
  • 20% Off Necessary + Elective Treatment

This program allows the patient, for a nominal yearly fee, to receive two annual dental cleanings, any necessary x-rays and 2 examinations by the doctor for one low annual fee.

The cost ($795) of the two cleanings, x-rays and two exams is greater than the actual upfront cost to join the plan. By joining the plan you are already financially ahead.

The Patient Loyalty Plan also entitles the patient to receive a 20% discount off of any necessary or elective dental treatment. So, there is no need to put off any longer getting a teeth cleaning, fixing that broken tooth, taking care of that tooth that is sensitive when you drink a cold glass of water or when you drink a hot cup of coffee.

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PLP (Patient Loyalty Plan)

Our goal is to provide excellent dental care to everyone, even those who don’t have dental insurance. Often employers don’t offer dental insurance and most retired persons don’t have insurance so, we have a solution.

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